The Ziba Kazemi Foundation has been established in honor of the life, art and memory of Ziba Zahra Kazemi. Its mission is to promote respect for human rights by offering an environment and a community for individuals and organizations determined to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for its crimes against Humanity.


The strength, the devotion and the courage of the Foundation are inspired by Ziba's spirit, as well as the people from all ages and origins who have joined us in demanding justice for Ziba and other victims of the Islamic Government of Iran.


The Ziba Kazemi Foundation is a non-profit organization. It has been founded in February 2004 (initially the Zahra Kazemi Foundation) and has no affiliation with political or religious groups or organizations.


The Ziba Kazemi Foundation is committed to promoting intercultural harmony and exchange through photojournalism and other artful forms of communication.


To encourage photojournalists, the Ziba Kazemi Foundation grants an award on September 23rd of every year, in the name of "Ziba". This award is to encourage high standards in photojournalism for single images and for picture stories. The winners of the “Ziba” photography award will receive a cash prize at the award ceremony in Montreal.

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