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The Appeal date has been set to June 13, 2012.



• 19 May, 2009
Quebec Superior Court sets dates of first hearing of the Estate of the Late Ziba Kazemi and Stephan Kazemi versus Islamic Republic of Iran to 2 to 8 December, 2009.


• 27 November, 2007
Iran's supreme court orders another "new" investigation.
Helena Guergis, secretary of state for foreign affairs and international trade, said the government welcomes the Iranian's court's decision to open a new investigation.
"Iran has an obligation to the Kazemi family to ensure that the perpetrators of this terrible crime are brought to justice."


• 2 July, 2007
A new hearing is launched by the Iranian government.


• 29 June, 2006
Stephan Hashemi launched a civil action before the Superior Court of Quebec against the Islamic Republic of Iran, its Supreme Leader, as well as the two officials who were directly responsible for the arrest, detention, torture and death of his mother, Ziba Kazemi.


• 9 February, 2006
Iranian Ambassador, Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Adeli, during a conference at Oxford University in England, says the Iranian government is sorry about the death of Ms Kazemi by the Iranian's government's agent.


• 2 June 2005
Montreal photo exhibit "Contre l'oubli". Censored by the (now ex) Montreal Côte Saint-Luc city borough . Eventually, the national press widely exposes censorship, Côte St-Luc authorities cover-up as well as Ziba's censored photographs.


• 26 May, 2005
In Canadian Parliament, the government labels the Mojahedin as "terrorist organization" while on the other end it has never, at least since Ziba's murder, adequately criticized the Iranian government.


• 17 May, 2005
Minister Pettigrew asks for fair trial from the part of Iran's government.


• 19 April, 2005
United Nation High Commissioner for Human RIghts submit its report: Canadian government should be "making available adequate, effective, prompt, and appropriate remedies, including reparation."
Later in May, the Committee Against Torture makes similar recommendations true its report.
(To this day, the Canadian government has not followed recommendations.)


• 6 April, 2005
Stephan Kazemi's lawyers meet with Canadian government lawyers in Ottawa. Again, no concrete commitment from the part of the Government of Canada are made following the meeting.


• 5 April, 2005
The Canadian Government finally calls Ziba Kazemi's death "murder".


• 31 March, 2005
Dr. Aazam, the doctor who examined Ziba Kazemi after she had been transfered to the military Baghiatollah hospital goes public with his testimony in Canada during a press conference. He speaks of torture giving detailed medical evidences.


• 21 February, 2005
Canadian government asks Stephan Kazemi to give Iranian lawyers all his legal rights. Offended, Stephan Kazemi refuses to give more legitimacy to the Iranian judiciary that the Canadian government has already given.


• 23 November, 2004
Canadian government returns its (new) Ambassador to Iran. The Iranian government issues statement threatening anyone who would interfere in the case of murder of Ziba Kazemi.


• 17 November, 2004
Canadian government sponsors resolution on Iran's human rights performance at UN General Assembly. It does as the resolution is "a moral resolution" but systematically fails to pass its resolution on May of every year which serve the Iranian government with concrete sanctions.


• November 2004
Stephan Kazemi leaves for Stockholm with his colleague Shahrzad Arshadi as well as his lawyer John Terry to meet with Iranian doctor witness who escaped Iran for Stockholm, Sweden.


• 28 July, 2004
Iranian government comes with a new scenario: Ms Kazemi's blood pressure dropped due to a hunger strike, she felt down to the floor and died. "The truth only God knows."


• 27 July, 2004
Stephan Kazemi and his lawyer John Terry meet with Minister Pierre Pettigrew and his staff. Despite the gravity of the situation, the meeting is most disappointing: the minister demonstrates a clear lack of responsibility and seems indifferent to his duty towards the Canadian journalist's murder. Stephan Kazemi declares to the press, immediately after his meeting: "The minister has failed my mother, he has failed me, and he has failed human rights in general."


• 25 July, 2004
New Minister of foreign Affairs, Pierre Pettigrew expresses is "dissatisfaction" at the announcement of Tehran court a day earlier that the intelligence agent accused of Ziba's murder has been acquitted. He wrote in a statement that he is "considereing his options" and that "the government of Canada continues to insist that justice be done."
Iranian Government offers $18,000 of "blood money" to Stephan Kazemi. Stephan rejects offers vigorously, taking it as an insult.


• 18 July, 2004
Sham trial, Canadian Ambassador to Iran Philip MacKinnon, is recalled to Canada.


• 16 July, 2004
The Canadian federal government claims victory as Canada's ambassador to Iran is allowed to observe the opening of the trial. Prime Minister Paul Martin says that "as a result of the very strong measures taken by Minister Graham, the Canadian ambassador has been given observer's status and was at the trial today in Iran."

"That is a very important step forward, and it's one to which Canada and the family are untitled under international law."


• 14 July, 2004
Minister Graham recalls Ambassador Philip MacKinnon after Tehran officials declared Canadian observers would be barred from the trial.


• 2 June, 2004
In the national written press, both in French and English, Stephan Kazemi addresses former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien who is preparing to travel to Iran representing a Calgary company in order to make business with the same murderers and criminals that he condemn earlier as a leader.


• March and April 2004
Paris photo exhibition "Contre l'Oubli".


• 12 January, 2004
Special Rapporteur of the United Nation on the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Ambeyi Ligabo, submit report following his mission to the Islamic Republic of Iran. He makes two pages of specific reference to the case of Ziba Kazemi, "firstly because of its gravity, secondly because of its exceptional nature, and thirdly, because of the concerns raised by the way the case is being handled by the authorities."


• November 2003
Montreal photo exhibition "Contre l'Oubli", 23 of Ziba's photos.


• November 2003
The Canadian Government pressures Stephan Kazemi to be represented in Iran. Stephan had resist the pressure so far knowing very well that it does give legitimacy to the Iranian judiciary, which is, as clearly demonstrated, judge and parties in this case.
As the Canadian Government is insisting that it will not take any steps in defense of Ziba Kazemi if Stephan Kazemi is not being represented in Iran, and as Ziba Kazemi's mother is confronted in Iran with a lawyer designated by the Iranian Judiciary, Stephan Kazemi, following the advice of his senior advisor at the time, Mr. Karim Abdul Lahidji (whom also was against any representation in Iran), calls upon his friend and former colleague Shirin Ebadi whom Stephan didn't know at the time, like most people, to represent his grandmother Ezat Kazemi in the case of his mother's murder.
A week after Ms Ebadi accepts the case, she receives the Peace Nobel Price.


• 28 October 2003
Opposition group in the Iranian parliament demonstrate clear case of cover up, knowing the truth and possessing documentations and proves, it won't reveal and shear any to the world but that Tehran's prosecutor-general Saiid Mortazavi is responsible for the crime.


• 22 Septemberm 2003
Iranian government Judge Ismaeli accuse a man agent for "quasi-intentional murder". The case is dismissed in July 24, 2004.


• 31 August, 2003
Canadian government meets with Judiciary Tehran Prosecutor, Saiid Mortazavi, designated direct responsible in the torture and murder of Ziba Kazemi.


• 25 August, 2003
Javad Ismaeli, well known historical criminal, and also judge for this case, accuses two agents. The Canadian Government declares that it is a positive step. The case is dismissed on September 1st, 2003.


• 30 July 2003
After denial, Iranian government, once more, admits to Ziba's murder.


• 29 July, 2003
First of series of meeting of Stephan Kazemi and his lawyer with Minister Bill Graham.


• 27 July, 2003
Government of Canada declares that it would be satisfy with the further prosecution of the five arrested agents.


• 26 July, 2003
Government of Iran reports that five agents have been arrested.


• 24 July, 2003
In a letter to the media, the senior official Mohammed Hussein Khoshvaqt, says he was threatened with prosecution if he did not participate in a cover-up of the beating death.


• 23 July, 2003
Burial of the body in Iran.
Canadian government recalls its ambassador.


• 22 July, 2003
Armed iranian agents intimidate and threat Ziba's mother, Ezat Kazemi, 75 years old, to sign agreement for burial in Iran.


• 21 July, 2003
Canadian government insists for Stephan Kazemi to go to Iran. Even as Stephan has been refused access as a Canadian citizen, even though he has no Iranian document as he was born in France, the Canadian government insists for Ziba Kazemi's son to go to Iran with offered Iranian passport. Stephan Kazemi offended refuses categorically.


• 20 July, 2003
Presidential Iranian report admits to beating.


• 19 July, 2003
In a telephone conference, in the presence of the Canadian Ambassador to Iran Philip MacKinnon, the chef consular for Canadian Foreign Affairs Gar Pardy, a representative for the Iranian government, as well as Ziba Kazemi's mother Ezat Kazemi and Stephan Kazemi and his lawyer Marlys Edwardh, a letter is written and signed stating the common will of the family for Ziba Kazemi's body to be repatriated to Montreal, Canada.


• 17 July, 2003
Iranian Foreign minister assures to his Canadian homologue that Ziba's body will not be buried without the family united consent.


• 16 July, 2003
Prime Minister Jean Chrétien declares that "we will push that case because it is completely unacceptable that the journalist goes there to do professional work and is treated that way."
Iranian government admits murder.


• 13 Juiy, 2003
Foreign Affairs declares: "The dialogues are not happening at the institution level but between ambassador and minister. That's much more important."
The Canadian ambassador to Iran Philip Mackinnon, meeting with the Iranian minister to make sure that the body of Ziba Kazemi will be repatriated to Canada.


The media are covering the murder of Ziba Kazemi since the 8th of July. The government of Canada is receiving a large numbers of calls, fax, letters and with the strong attention of people, it gives more attention to the case, but with nothing more than its politic; diplomacy towards a government that has already an history of genocide and consistently perpetrated atrocity since its birth on 1979.


• 11 July, 2003
The Government of Iran officially announces ZIba Kazemi's death on July 10, 2003.


• 7 July, 2003
Ziba Kazemi's son, Stephan, receives a phone message in French from one of Ziba's friend in Iran. As he learns about his mother's condition, he contacts with the Canadian government. It doesn't seem alarmed by the situation and advises not to contact with the medias.


• 5 July, 2003
The Iranian government phones Ziba's mother, Ezat Kazemi, and tells her "to come get her daughter with a bail" at the prison (even though Ziba was at the military hospital). Ziba's mother eventually finds out about her daughter's condition and alerts the Canadian Embassy in Tehran.


• 23 June, 2003
Ziba Kazemi is violently taken into Evin prison cells by Iranian government agents as she was photographing standing demonstrators. According to the report of an opposition party inside the Iranian parliament, she is held for 72 hours before to be transfered quasi unconscious to the Baghiatolah military hospital on the 27 June, 2003.


• June 2003
From Irak, Ziba crosses the border for Iran where she waits for a visa in order to continue her itinerary to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


• April 2003
Ziba Kazemi leaves Montreal for Irak to cover the American occupation.

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