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About the millions of dollars I was offered by the Canadian Prime Minister's office, a 'mediation process' as they called it: an act that means everything: the Canadian government is ready to make the Iranian government pay for Ziba's murder, but it's not willing to confront it in any way for Justice.

I'll soon write and speak about the Canadian government's 11 years denial of Justice and all the actions that have been intended against me, and in general in Ziba's case to hide the truth and legitimize the Iranian government as well as its judiciary.

- Stephan Kazemi

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Stephan and his lawyer Mathieu Bouchard's interview on The Current, CBC radio. (Censored as usual)

Ziba Kazemi, known as Zahra Kazemi

11 years of denied Justice in Canada for Ziba

Ziba has never recognized the legitimacy of the Iranian government. She never went back to Iran after 1979 after she left it in the early 70s. It is only as a professional photojournalist that she tactfully entered Iran 25 years later, like she entered many other countries prior to this reportage, in the Middle East region but also in Africa, in the Caribbean, in Central America and in Eastern Europe. In her lifetime, she visited a great number of territories giving a voice to the voiceless, to the victims of war and oppression and she did it as a Canadian, in a simple human way.

It's been 11 years I am living with the denial of Justice, as well as being, together with the Canadian people in this context, mocked by politicians. At first it was by Prime Minister Jean Chretien who was making scandalous declarations in regards of Ziba's murder, pretending to be chocked following her illegal burial in Iran, but went to shake hands with the very same murderers and torturers he was so chocked about as soon as he left office. Then it was by Prime Minister Paul Martin, also pretending to be affected and horrified by the detailed revelations of torture when publicly reported by our witness the Dr. Aazam. He's office offered me in the name of Justice large amounts of money: under the table, from the parts of the Iranian regime. And finally, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who can't even respond to a simple and polite letter - revised by my lawyers. Canada's Prime Minister find it reasonable to torture on certain occasion, he declares.

After 11 years, we are now before the Supreme Court of Canada. My lawyers, qualified as being of the highest level by their peers, locally and internationally, are giving the Court the tools it needs to make an adequate decision and assume its responsibilities. This Court, equipped with Canada's constitutional and quasi-constitutional instruments, and as my lawyers Kurt A. Johnson and Mathieu Bouchard say, robust human rights jurisprudence, can now craft a uniquely Canadian response to this horrific situation of impunity.

Soon Justice for Ziba Kazemi? I don't know, I witness so much corruption during this last decade; I can't say when will it stop, if it ever stops. But I'll be there. Transparent, focused and honest, like my mother's viewfinder.

Stephan Kazemi
March 18, 2014

ZIba Kazemi

Stephan's lawyers Mathieu Bouchard & Kurt A. Johnson at their Montreal office |
Images by Ziba Kazemi: in Prague and in Montreal

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